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Launch first,
No groundwork

Trying to think of everything users might say takes
forever and it’s impossible to get it all.

Launch your bot and sit back,
it will contact you when it needs your help.

Train as you go,

Whenever your bot doesn’t feel confident enough to reply
on its own, it will contact you right away through the chat
channels you’re already using.

With your guidance the bot replies to end users, while
also learning for future interactions - so you can train your
bot wherever you are - it's as simple as replying to a text.

Bot intelligence that is
stronger than ever

With innovative AI technology, Coach The Bot makes
your bot more intelligent than ever by giving it
learning abilities and self-confidence, So you can
give your bot the skills it needs to talk to real users.

The conversational

your users expect

Getting default fallback answers is frustrating.
By combining your business's human expertise
with cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence, you can
rest assured your users are in good hands.

Controlled growth,
Low-risk launch

Your bot is the face of your business, deciding when
it’s ready to go live should be a matter of facts -
you don’t have to guess when it’s ready.

Coach The Bot launches your bot gradually and
at the right pace for it, based only on how much
the bot can handle.

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Our customers
LOVE their bots

We believe creating chatbots should be easy and risk-free.
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